Inclusive Education

 In view of the constitutional commitment of providing free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 years irrespective of the abilities of children, SSA Chandigarh is striving hard to achieve this aim. Undeniably the Abhiyan extended various facilities to the children with special needs (CWSN) to facilitate the education of this special group of children.
As a step towards removing the barrier of exclusion for these Children with Special needs, Chandigarh SSA has initiated the process of including CWSN in the mainstream schools to make education accessible to this vulnerable group of children, their identification, assessment and proximity of schools is felt important. Therefore, following steps were initiated:
Identification process of CWSN: -
The CWSN identified by RTs are medically examined by the medical teams of Govt. Medical College and Hospitals, Sector-32 (GMCH-32) and Govt. Multispeciality Hospital, Sector 16 (GMSH-16) under Directorate of Health, UT Chandigarh in order to ascertain the degree and type of disability.
The number of schooling facilities within the habitation or within 1, 3, 4 or 7 Km radius.Accessibility of schools to CWSN: - Access to schools can be viewed in two ways.
  • The number of schooling facilities per lac population.
The first principle is applicable to isolated and far flung areas which require availability of schooling facilities within the walking distance of serving area. Second principle is applicable for highly dense areas like Chandigarh in which a large number of schooling facilities already exist, yet the schools are not accessible for many children due to shortage of space, classrooms and barriers in school buildings.


  1. Curriculum Modification & development of IEP
  2. Evaluation guidelines for CWSN
  3. Capacity building of General Teachers: Orientation Programmes for school teachers
  4. Learning Corners for CWSN
  5. Support Services in Special Resource Centres
  6. Therapy Camps for CWSN at cluster level.
  7. Research study was conducted by RIMH on “Understanding the Barriers Faced by Children with Disabilities at Schools with Inclusive Set-up in Chandigarh”